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What’s Forms Are Included

Leasing Forms/ 60 Forms

Sales / Contract Forms / 26 Forms

Landlord / Tenant / Property Management Forms / 24 Forms

Marketing / Flyer / Templets / 10 Forms

Corporate and Partnership Forms / 10 Forms

Simple Bonus Forms / 15 Forms

Loan / Banking and Lending Forms / 30 Forms

Private Placement / Funding Forms / 25 Forms

Spreadsheet and Analysis Worksheets / 25 Forms

Super Form Discount Pack

Leasing Forms/ 58 Forms:

  • LF-321 Assignment Of Lease/Simple
  • LF-405 Collateral Assignment Of Leases Rents And Profits
  • LF-406 Commencement Date Agreement
  • LF-413 Construction Contract / TI Or Building
  • LF-942 Consulting Agreement
  • LF-306 Contract To Purchase / Sales Leaseback
  • LF-409 Contract To Purchase/Leasehold Estate
  • LF-944 For Sale Or Lease Flyer
  • LF-324 Ground Lease
  • LF-403 Lease / Occupancy Agreement
  • LF-415 Lease Abstract Summary
  • LF-312 Lease Agreement Villa Or Resort Rental
  • LF-299 Lease Agreement Base
  • LF-323 Lease Agreement Gross Office Lease
  • LF-307a Lease Agreement Industrial
  • LF-309 Lease Agreement Master Lease
  • LF-316 Lease Agreement Medical
  • LF-300 Lease Agreement NNN
  • LF-301 Lease Agreement Office Gross With Expense Stop
  • LF-302 Lease Agreement Office Multi Tenant Simple
  • LF-314 Lease Agreement Residential Or Apartment
  • LF-315 Lease Agreement Residential With Option To Purchase
  • LF-317 Lease Agreement Restaurant Or Retail
  • LF-318 Lease Agreement Retail Lease Gross Modified/Net
  • LF-308 Lease Agreement Retail Or Shopping Center NNN
  • LF-311 Lease Agreement Roof Or Cell Tower
  • LF-304 Lease Agreement Shopping Center Anchor
  • LF-305 Lease Agreement Shopping Center Satellite Store Simple
  • LF-322 Lease Agreement Short Term/Simple
  • LF-310 Lease Agreement Supermarket
  • LF-313 Lease Agreement Vacation Rental
  • LF-400 Lease Amendment
  • LF-401 Lease Amendment/Simple
  • LF-402 Lease Guaranty
  • LF-307 Lease Industrial Development Authority
  • LF-303 Lease Office Mixed-Use Complex
  • LF-404 Lease Termination Agreement
  • LF-410 Leasehold Mortgage And Security Agreement
  • LF-202 Letter Of Intent Expansion Space
  • LF-200 Letter of Intent Office NNN
  • LF-201 Letter Of Intent Or Gross Office
  • LF-319 Memorandum Of Lease Recordable
  • LF-199 Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • LF-417 Notary Forms
  • LF-408 Option Agreement For Ground Lease
  • LF-407 Rent Abatement Agreement
  • LF-414 Rent Roll Excel
  • LF-205 Request For Proposal Aggressive
  • LF-204 Request For Proposal Standard
  • LF-203 Request For Proposal Tenant Rep
  • LF-419 Rules And Regulations Office
  • LF-420 Rules And Regulations Retail Or Food Service
  • LF-320 Sublease Agreement
  • LF-411 Subordination Nondisturbance Attornment Agreement
  • LF-421 Tenant Acceptance Letter
  • LF-418 Tenant Alteration/TI Agreement
  • LF-412 Tenant Estoppel Letter And Certificate
  • LF-416 Tenant Reconciliation Worksheet

Sales / Contract Forms / 26 Forms: 

  • SF-115 Asset Purchase Agreement
  • SF-119 Assignment & Assumption Agreement
  • SF-120 Assignment And Assumption Of Lease Is With Schedules
  • SF-118 Assignment Of Leases Rents And Profits
  • SF-145 Bill Of Sale And Inventory List
  • SF-106 Bill Of Sale/Assets
  • SF-101 Broker Commission Agreement
  • SF-107 Closing Check List With Contact List And Workflow
  • SF-109 Closing Process Worksheet And Proration
  • SF-108 Closing Process Check List
  • SF-100 Confidentiality Agreement
  • SF-103 Engagement Letter For Services Or Consulting
  • SF-149 Exchange Agreement /Property Swap
  • SF-144 First Amendment To Purchase And Sales Agreement
  • SF-116 Letter of Intent
  • SF-121 Non Compete Agreement
  • SF-151 Notice To Tenant's Of Sale
  • SF-117 Options to Purchase Agreement

Landlord / Tenant / Property Management Forms / 24 Forms:

  • LT-135 Budget Office Park
  • LT-140 Capital Budget ROI
  • LT-127 Commission Agreement
  • LT-131 Construction Contract TI Or Building
  • LT-126 First Amendment To Building Lease
  • LT-121 Lease Abstract Form
  • LT-122 Lease Assignment
  • LT-132 Lease Occupancy Agreement
  • LT-133 Lease Termination Agreement
  • LT-142 Leasing Deal Cost Worksheet
  • LT-100 Management Agreement Base
  • LT-125 Memorandum Of Lease
  • LT-129 Notary Form
  • LT-120 Notice To Correct Violation Of Lease
  • LT-141 Operating Expense Analysis/Budget
  • LT-124 Rent Abatement Agreement
  • LT-143 Rent Roll Excel
  • LT-151 Rules And Regulation Office Park
  • LT-150 Rules And Regulation Route Retail Or Food Service
  • LT-134 Sublease Agreement
  • LT-123 Tenant Acceptance Letter
  • LT-128 Tenant Alterations Agreement
  • LT-130 Tenant Estoppel Certificate

Marketing / Flyer / Templets / 10 Forms:

  • MF-107 Email Template
  • MF-103 For Lease or Sale Flyer
  • MF-101 For Lease or Sale Flyer
  • MF-110 For Lease or Sale With Maps And Exhibits
  • MF-100 For Sale or Lease Flyer
  • MF-104 For Lease or Sale Listing Flyer With Map
  • MF-109 Marketing Plan Outline / Template
  • MF-108 Press Release Template
  • MF-102 Sales Offering Package
  • MF-105 Tenant Rep Flyer

Corporate and Partnership Forms / 10 Forms:

  • CP-110 Corporate Resolution Simple
  • CP-111 Incumbency Certificate
  • CP-107 Manager's Consent
  • CP-108 Members Consent
  • CP-104 Operating Agreement CRE Fund Manager Managed
  • CP-106 Operating Agreement Amendment
  • CP-101 Operating Agreement LLC CRE Partnership
  • CP-102 Operating Agreement LLC Manager Managed
  • CP-100 Operating Agreement LLC Simple
  • CP-105 Operating Agreement LLP With General Partner
  • CP-103 Partnership Agreement Simple
  • CP-109 Resolution Sale Of Assets Or Equipment

Simple Bonus Forms / 15 Forms:

  • FF-108 Capital Budget ROI
  • FF-102 Commission Agreement- Tenant Broker
  • FF-101 Commission Agreement-Listing Broker
  • FF-100 Confidentially Agreement
  • FF-107 Interest Only Amortization
  • FF-103 Leasing Rate Review Worksheet
  • FF-104 Leasing Deal Cost Worksheet
  • FF-106 Loan Amortization Sheet
  • FF-109 Loan Analysis Worksheet
  • FF-111 MACR Property Deprecation
  • FF-110 Net Worth Calculator
  • FF-114 Non Disclosure Agreement
  • FF-112 Notary Forms
  • FF-113 Offer To Purchase- Simple
  • FF-105 Rules and Regulations-Office

Loan / Banking and Lending Forms / 30 Forms:

  • BL-102 Assignment And Subordination Management Agreement
  • BL-103 Assignment Of Intangibles
  • BL-101 Assignment Of Lease
  • BL-127 Bank Wire Instructions
  • BL-100 Borrower's Affidavit
  • BL-104 Borrower's Certification
  • BL-105 Certification Of Members
  • BL-119 Construction Loan Agreement
  • BL-120 Construction Loan Guaranty
  • BL-121 Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure
  • BL-106 Deed Of Trust Package
  • BL-107 Environmental Indemnity
  • BL-108 First Priority Mortgage
  • BL-126 First Priority Mortgage w/ Assignment of Rents/Leases
  • BL-109 Limited Recourse Agreement
  • BL-129 Loan Letter Of Intent
  • BL-128 Loan Payoff Letter
  • BL-124 Loan Workout Agreement
  • BL-122 Mortgage And Security Agreement Package
  • BL-111 Note - Fixed Rate Loan
  • BL-112 Note - Real Property
  • BL-113 Partner Certification
  • BL-114 Personal Financial Statement
  • BL-110 Promissory Note And Personal Guarantee
  • BL-123 Promissory Note Base
  • BL-115 Reserve Agreement
  • BL-125 Settlement Statement and Asset Allocation
  • BL-118 Special Warranty Deed
  • BL-116 Term Loan And Security Agreement
  • BL-117 UCC Exhibit

Private Placement / Funding Forms / 25 Forms:

  • PP-200 Authorization To Verify Information
  • PP-211 Business Outline And Project Cost
  • PP-201 Business Plan Outline PPO
  • PP-206 Client / Investor Summary
  • PP-207 Corporate Resolution Board Of Directors
  • PP-213 Counterpart/Signature Page Operating Agreement
  • PDF-1 Form D Securities And Exchange Commission PDF
  • PDF-2 Form D Example SEC PDF
  • PP-203 Funds Instruction & Attestation
  • PP-202 Funds Ownership Declaration Letter
  • PP-209 History Of Funds
  • PP-204 Investor Questionnaire
  • PP-210 Letter Of Intent / Exclusive Request For Service
  • PP-099 Memo To Prospective Investors
  • PP-208 Non-solicitation Letter
  • PP-102 Operating Agreement LLP CRE Fund
  • PP-101 Operating Agreement Simple PPM Land Deal
  • PP-105 Private Offering Memorandum Package
  • P-104 Private Offering Memorandum Simple Land Deal
  • PP-103 Private Placement Memorandum CRE Fund
  • PP-100 Private Placement Offering Memorandum-Fund
  • PP-212 Signatory Passport ID Document
  • PP-107 Signature Page And Acknowledgment
  • PP-108 Subscription Agreement For Units Of a PPO
  • PP-106 Subscription And Funding Instructions PPM

Spreadsheet and Analysis Worksheets / 25 Forms:

  • SA-98 Appraisal Worksheet And Property Comparison
  • SA-113 Breakeven Analysis
  • SA-107 Budget Office Gross Or Net
  • SA-105 Budget Office Or Office Park
  • SA-103 Buy Versus Lease
  • SA-108 Capital Budget Worksheet ROI
  • SA-114 Cash Flow Analysis Worksheet
  • SA-99 Chart Of Accounts Office Building
  • SA-112 Debt Ratio Analysis Worksheet
  • SA-116 Due Diligence Assessment Questionnaire
  • SA-120 Gain Calculation Worksheet
  • SA-119 Investment Return Worksheet
  • SA-104 Lease Deal Cost And Commission Analysis Worksheet
  • SA-121 Lease Rate Comparison Worksheet
  • SA-118 Loan Amortization Worksheet And Scheduled
  • SA-109 Loan Analysis Worksheet
  • SA-117 Loan And Mortgage Calculator
  • SA-111 MACRS Property Depreciation Worksheet
  • SA-115 Net Worth Calculator
  • SA-106 Operating Expense Analysis Worksheet
  • SA-110 Operating Lease Versus Buying With Cash Flow Analysis
  • SA-102 Space Planning Worksheet And Space Utilization
  • SA-101 Tenant/Cam Reconciliation Worksheet

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